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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

~ Albert Einstein

Welcome to Libella!


Libella Reiki and Meditation is focused on helping you receive insights that come from being in balance and finding alignment. 


Why Libella?

The word "libella" refers to a tool used for leveling, and suggests balance as is a diminutive form of libra (the scales of the zodiac).  Libella is also linked to the origin for Libelludilae, which is the largest dragonfly family in the world.  Interestingly, many people associate dragonflies with spiritual insights, and often find meaning in seeing them.


I have found balance in all things leads to a grounded life experience, and I am at a place in my life, where I would like to help other seekers.  In addition to my experience as a Reiki Master and meditation practitioner, I have recently added training in acupressure to my practitioner toolbox.  I am in awe of how profoundly a well chosen acupressure protocol can promote healing through clearing stuck energy in as it simultaneously treats at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 


I hope you will explore the site and services section below, and click the About page to read a little more about me.  Please feel free to use the Contact form or email directly with any questions or inquiries.  I look forward to meeting you!

              ~ Laura Schuch, PhD, MPH


Services for individual sessions are listed below.  While all are listed as distance, in-person sessions are available in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA.  You can book a session on the Book Online page. 


Distance Reiki/Energy Session - 60 min

This is a 60 minute distance Reiki session.   The session will consist of a brief conversation, testing of chakras and an energy clearing.  A follow-up conversation will take place the following day.

If the client would like for acupressure to be incorporated, then that is an option as well.  

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Distance Reiki/Meditation - 90 min

This 90 minute session will provide a deeper state of relaxation.  The client will complete a pre-session intake to assist with the creation of a customized guided meditation.  The virtual session will begin with a 20 minute meditation (headphones suggested), before the 60 minute distance Reiki.  A follow-up call will occur one or two days later.  The client can choose to have acupressure included.

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Seva Self-care / Acupressure - 60 minute

A session to fit your current needs!

This session is for clients that would like an acupressure session and / or want to learn a protocol for at home.  The session begins with a consultation via a virtual meeting, and then a provider session based on a protocol specific to your needs.  Time can also be used to learn points to self-administer so you can integrate this into your daily life and other practices.

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Please use the form to: connect with me, ask any questions about my services or for assistance using the site.

Laura Schuch, PhD, MPH

Twinsburg, Ohio

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