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My name is Laura, and I am a lifelong learner that stumbled into practices that have changed my perspective and life.  It all started with meditation, and the intent to follow what intrigues me.   However, once I experienced the release of stuck emotions and the flow of energy, I was ready for more.

Curiosity is what led to me getting a distance Reiki session, and that was that all I needed.  After the session I wanted to know how this could possibly have such an impact on me physically and mentally.  I looked into Reiki training, and during my Master level course, one of the other students shared a little bit about acupressure.  I tucked that interest away for a little while, but I kept feeling nudges to take a deeper look into that topic...

So, I became certified to teach Seva Stress Release, a self-administered acupressure protocol that can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.  I am now working on certification in Clinical Acupressure.  I have found that both Reiki and Acupressure pair well with Meditation practices, as well as each other.  The flow of energy (Qi/Chi, Ki, or Prana), is integral to all three, so imagine what happens when you combine these!  If you are curious, please reach out!  I would love to share how my services can be of benefit to you!

May you find what brings you balance and peace!


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